Marathon Preparation: What you might be forgetting!

We are super proud of our very own Health Bound Nutritionist, Oksana, who will be participating in the Sporting Life 10k Marathon on Sunday, May 11th.

Her participation has got us thinking about all things to do with running and marathon training. Of course, it is only appropriate that as our nutritionist, Oksana wanted to share a very important factor of her preparation that we were completely ignoring - nutrition!

This week leading up to the race, Oksana is eating lean protein like chicken or fish and adding some carbohydrate to each meal in the form of vegetables, fruits, rice, pasta, whole grain breads, or legumes.

She is also staying away from processed foods, fats, and fried foods. 

Interestingly, she will also be avoiding dairy products the day of and the day before the race to avoid any possibility of gastrointestinal issues.

On the big day, pre-race breakfast should be eaten 2 to 3 hours before the race starts. Oksana shares that she will probably eat a hard boiled egg, banana or oat bran - something very light. It is very important to keep yourself hydrated by sipping water (or coconut water for ultimate hydration, making sure the sugars are less than 15 g in your coconut water) up to 30 minutes before the race starts. 

Hopefully, this helps you out in your race preparation and helps you achieve your optimal performance! Best of luck to everybody that is participating!


  1. Great nutritional advice for race prepping, thank you for sharing.

    1. You're welcome Stefan, thanks for visiting our blog!



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